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Blazor United coming in .NET 8

Unified Blazor development

Blazor United started as a prototype project by Steve Sanderson, the creator of Blazor. It aims to combine the advantages of Razor Pages, Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly. With it, you can selectively decide, if you want to use plain HTML rendering or more interactivity by using Blazor Server or Blazor WebAssembly. You can even mix and match on the same page and decide which mode to use for which page.

E.g. a landing-page usually is more of a static nature whereas sections where you need to login tend to be more dynamic.

The project also features a solution, to one of the biggest problems with Blazor WebAssembly. The initial download size and the time it takes to load Blazor in your browser. This problem is solved by initially using Blazor Server to prerender the page on the server side while being interactive immediately thanks to SignalR. In parallel, Blazor downloads everything it would usually download when running in WebAssembly mode into the browser's cache. The next visit to the same page now works immediatly as everything is ready to be served from cache.

Steve published a video on YouTube, explaining how things work at the moment and where it's going to head next. Feel free to watch it go get a grasp on how great this will enhance developer and user experience as well.

Microsoft decided to put the Blazor United project on the roadmap for .NET 8, which can be expected for late of 2023.

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